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Five Ways to Improve your Brand’s TikTok Strategy

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Okay, we all know that TikTok is important for your brand, but why? And what can you do to improve your strategy and boost your engagement with Gen Z?

The Student Beans insights agency, Voxburner, has pulled together five ways for you to really improve your brand’s TikTok strategy to appeal to the all important Gen Z.

TikTok has been downloaded over 3 billion times worldwide and was the most downloaded app of 2021 – so if it wasn’t obvious enough, it’s where most of your target audience will be hanging out. To top it off, the average user opens the app 15 times every day – that’s so much time for them to be viewing and engaging with your content! Furthermore, in a US survey we conducted this year, we revealed that 54% of young people have bought something after seeing it on TikTok, so it’s the perfect place for you to be showing off what you’re selling.

The platform is ideal for promoting your products, enlarging your audience and attracting new customers, but that’s easier said than done, especially when you’re a brand and not just a content creator.

What are the opportunities for brands on TikTok?

The opportunities for brands on TikTok are constantly evolving. Student Beans’ Head of Influencer Marketing, Ruby Soave, explains “TikTok’s advertising solutions perform supremely well when blended with creator content.”

She states, “Nano and micro creators will be cheaper to work with than ‘larger’ talent – and can get significant results once the content is optimised within the platform. Increasingly, be sure to repurpose the videos across the wider media mix: by utilising on relevant social channels (without the TikTok watermark!), your spend – and results – will go even further.”

Below is our guide to how you can improve your brand’s TikTok and catch the attention of those all-important Gen Z consumers. 

How To Improve Your TikTok Marketing Strategy

1. Define your target audience. 

Who’s your target demographic and who you do you hope to reach out to on TikTok? Do your market research – both on and off the platform – to make sure your content is well-aimed. It’s worth noting that your current audience might not be on TikTok, but subgroups who have similar interests will be. There’s something for everyone on TikTok, so don’t worry if your brand or product appeals to a niche interest!

2. Use your analytics.

Make sure you’re keeping track of all your hard work so you can find out what content works for your brand. Once you’ve set up a TikTok business account (which you can find out how to do here) you can access information about your content, followers and even viewer demographics. However, it’s important to not get TOO bogged down in the stats – TikTok is predominantly a fun space and Gen Z loves authentic content, so make sure you prioritise creativity and don’t be afraid to experiment. 

3. Post regularly. 

When you’re working on your strategy, make sure you’ve factored in continuous posting on the platform. This will help you appear on For You Pages (FYPs) and will boost your brand’s visibility. Remember, behind-the-scenes content always goes down well, so even videos as simple as office tours or ‘Meet the team’ will be a hit. 

4. Use trends and hashtags

Much like posting regularly, using hashtags and hopping on trends will help your content to appear on Gen Z’s FYPs. Hashtags will also help with your viewer engagement, as TikTokers will engage with content that shares hashtags. Monitor trends and think which ones align with your brand and how you can produce content on the back of it. 

5. Influencer partnerships

TikTok creators are amongst some of the biggest and hottest influencers on the planet right now, and are often recognised globally. These young creators can help you to broaden your audience, grow your following, drive sales and boost your engagement thanks to their expertise and creativity. However, paid promotions can be expensive (especially with some of the big names), so we recommend starting small with micro-influencers. But don’t worry – as Voxburner wrote in their blog, these are often considered to be more trustworthy than big-time influencers for Gen Z anyway. And remember, no matter your product or brand, we guarantee there’ll be a creator out there for you! 

For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out our Influencer Report on Voxburner+.

The Brands Nailing It On TikTok Right Now

In need of some inspiration? Check out 5 of our favourite TikTok brand accounts below. 


Duolingo’s mascot, Duo the Owl, is the star in the majority of this brand’s TikToks, and now they have over 4.5M followers. As well as hopping on trending audios, the brand is great at user engagement, and reacts and replies to their comment section using their iconic and sarcastic tone of voice.


Voxburner have spoken about Ryanair before and just can’t get enough of them. With millions of followers and likes, this travel brand jumps on viral trends, mocks its passengers, rivals and even its services, as well as sharing videos of staff and cabin crew. A masterclass in social media content. 


This sustainable period product company is headed up by CEO Nadiyah Okamoto, and their content is as authentic as it comes. With office clips, body positivity chats and sneak peeks of their latest products, this is a health & beauty brand that truly understands TikTok. 


Every Gen Zer’s favourite streaming service posts regular behind-the-scenes content from their most popular shows and are champions of creating iconic TikTok audios. At the moment their Stranger Things content is 🔥.


ASOS love UGC, whether it comes in the form of outfit inspo videos or ASOS hauls – great for engagement. They also give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at their photoshoots and projects to provide a little extra insight and build excitement. 

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