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4 Ways Brands Can Supercharge Their Student Marketing in 2023

Forget 2022; Gen Z are really shaking things up in 2023. Young people are stepping away from their screens, embracing their hobbies, establishing relationships with content creators, and taking the time to educate themselves… but what does that mean for youth marketers? The Student Beans insights agency Voxburner have released their Supercharge Your Gen Z Marketing for 2023 guide, which looks at the hottest themes and trends to help you drive your Gen Z marketing forwards in 2023. 

Supercharge Your Gen Z Marketing For 2023 discusses what’s important to young consumers, draws on exclusive insights and shares actionable takeaways for youth marketers. But before you read the full guide, here’s a snapshot below…

Supercharge your Gen Z marketing in 2023

TikTok: Gen Z’s favourite search engine

Google is out, TikTok is in. Young people lead busy lives and don’t want to waste time scrolling through endless Google pages to find the latest hot brunch recommendation or date spot, so instead they’re taking to the platform that they feel most at home on: TikTok. TikTok is a space for brands to communicate with young shoppers in an instant and reactive way, but spontaneity and relatability are absolutely essential.

This significant shift is one that brands need to take notice of, not only in order to resonate with young people, but also to stay ahead of the competition. 

Did you know: 77% of UK Gen Z students use TikTok (2022 Voxburner UK survey)

The return of long-form

Brands famously only have eight seconds to catch the attention of Gen Zers, but once you’ve got them, you’ve got them for life. And what is brand love without brand loyalty? 

This year, Gen Z are wanting more from the brands they know and love, crying out for intimate connections and further education. Whilst short and snappy TikTok videos certainly serve a purpose (particularly when it comes to grabbing the attention of potential customers), passionate and interested young people are seeking out long-form, detailed content. 

Whether it’s YouTube videos, Twitch live streams or lengthy blog posts, Gen Zers want to be a part of online communities in 2023.

Did you know: 24% of US Gen Z students use Reddit (2022 Voxburner US survey)

Three young people standing and talking in the streets

Nano-influencers and authenticity

The influencer space has really taken off over the last ten years, but this growth hasn’t just been shaped by the the big, international influencers (we’re looking at you, Kim K). ‘Nano-influencers’ are content creators who have smaller followings (approximately 1,000-10,000), meaning they have the time to read and engage with their community. With a strong grasp on their audiences and a detailed understanding of their niches, nano-influencers form real, authentic connections with their fans. 

So why is this important to you? Well, student spenders are more likely to part with their hard-earned pennies when they believe the content is legitimate and credible. 

Did you know: Nano influencers have the highest engagement rate of all influencer types

TikTok is my teacher

Education in its most traditional form is starting to feel a bit stuffy and archaic to young people. Whether it’s the curriculum or the teaching styles, 2023 will see young people heading to TikTok to learn from content creators in an engaging and digestible way. Whether it’s a How-To video, a tutorial or a breakdown of the latest phenomenon, young people are willing and ready to learn. 

The importance of ‘edu-tainment’ is vital for brands’ marketing strategies and commercial potential for the year ahead, so much so that many have started to incorporate it into their social media strategies. Gen Z are after value in 2023, and they’re looking at you to give it to them!

Did you know: The hashtag #LearnOnTikTok currently holds over 8 billion views

Four friends are talking together in the city

Want to find out more? Voxburner’s Supercharge Your Gen Z Marketing For 2023 Guide is now available to download. Get your free copy now.

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