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Vlogmas 2021: which trends will be hitting the vlogging scene this year?

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Brands, there’s just under two weeks to go until Vlogmas season officially begins. Here, we uncover where and why this holiday trend began, our predictions for this year’s vlogging extravaganza, and how your brand can get involved. 

It’s no secret that influencers play a key role in product marketing nowadays. Their large followings and ability to produce creative content makes influencers a great way for brands to engage with their target audience. 

Around this time of year, consumers are bombarded with different deals and advertisements – your goal as a brand is to stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking to win with Gen Z consumers this holiday season, Vlogmas is your ticket in. 

What is Vlogmas? 

Vlogmas is a holiday event where YouTube creators post videos every day in the month of December until Christmas Eve. Vlogmas vlogs aren’t just your traditional daily vlog; they’re all about Christmas and how to get your festive groove on in the lead-up. 

Millennial and American YouTuber, Ingrid Nilsen, is known as the originator of the vlogmas tradition. She posted her first Vlogmas video on 1st December 2011 and continued posting everyday until Christmas Eve. Since then, Vlogmas has built a strong reputation as one of the number one holiday traditions for creators and viewers alike. 

Of course, the content of each individual’s Vlogmas series usually depends on what kind of influencer they are. There is no set agenda to follow when creating your 24-day Vlogmas plan. However for many influencers, product reviews are a major part of their job title and the month of Vlogmas is an optimal chance for them to up their product reviews and create a daily gift guide for their viewers. Here are just some of the trends you can expect to see on Vlogmas this year: 

In store finds 

In 2020, shopping in stores was made extremely difficult due to lockdowns and Covid-19 restrictions. Traditionally, Vlogmas is centred around the IRL retail experiences, as well as the online and at-home activities. For many vloggers and viewers alike, Vlogmas just wasn’t the same without a vlog for their annual trip to Target, Primark or the local garden centre – where some of the best Christmas goodies and stocking fillers can be found. 

This year, expect to see vloggers getting out and about for some holiday shopping fun IRL. If you see your brand featured in Vlogmas – be sure to share it on your own social channels for optimum coverage. 

Gold glitter gift wrap

Cozy Christmas feels 

A big reason why so many of us love sitting down with a hot chocolate to watch Vlogmas every year is because of the warm, fuzzy feeling it gives you. Vlogmas is a big helping hand for young consumers looking to get gifts for their loved ones – but it’s also a reminder to practice self care, which is especially important around this time of year. 

Items like knitwear, cozy sweaters, Christmas candles, lighting, loungewear, food, blankets, books and baking sets are expected to be big players in this year’s Vlogmas series. Brands with a product offering that fits the ‘self-love’ criteria should consider partnering with vloggers this year to boost their engagement with Gen Z. 


There’s something in the air this year. Even those who are always last minute with their decorations are jumping on the bandwagon early for the 2021 holiday season, and it’s not hard to see why. With restrictions putting a bit of a downer in the lead-up to Christrmas last year, people definitely seem to be compensating by going all out this year. YouTube vloggers who partake in Vlogmas will typically fall under the category of ‘go hard or go home’ when it comes to Christmas decor and gift wrapping – so don’t expect this year to be any different where Vlogmas is concerned. 

Personal touches 

Gen Zs love personalized gifts. In fact, 73% of 16-24s in the US plan on buying gifts of this nature for their loved ones this year. Since many influencers are Gen Zs or Millennials themselves, we’ve no doubt that this trend will feed heavily into Vlogmas this year. Personalized prints, clothing, photo books, food hampers, sweet treats and pretty much anything on Etsy will be a popular choice.

Candy canes shaped into a heart

Sustainable finds

Sustainability is an important factor for many Gen Z consumers. In total, 95% of US students say it’s important that a brand cares about sustainability and protecting the environment and 55% say they also plan on buying a sustainable gift this year. 

Of course, many Gen Z influencers also share the same value – which is why peer-to-peer recommendation is such an important tool for brands wanting to engage with young consumers. For Vlogmas this December, we expect to see more vloggers focusing on sustainability where possible. Things like using sustainable gift wrap, avoiding wasteful packaging, and sustainably-produced gifts are just some of the ways sustainability will make an appearance in Vlogmas this year. 

For brands, Vlogmas is a key opportunity to tap into the latest trends and be featured on a platform that has a big Gen Z following – don’t miss out! 

We’ve got plenty of Gen Z content and insights for you to unbox throughout December – to help you supercharge your Gen Z marketing strategy. Check back here on December 1st for the big surprise!

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