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The top 5 things students can’t wait to do after lockdown

Students cannot wait to hit the muddy fields and attend a festival this summer.

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in young people not being able to participate in many of their favourite activities. As restrictions start to be lifted, attention is turning to the post-lockdown future. Our latest survey of Student Beans users based in the US reveals what they’re most looking forward to. Here are the results…

1. Seeing my friends/family

As digital natives, it’s often assumed that Gen Z prefers to socialise online, but our survey proves otherwise. While they’re able to adapt more easily to the mass digitisation lockdown has brought, they still value in-person social activities highly. 85% of students ranked seeing their friends and family among the top three things they’re looking forward to. In the meantime, apps like Zoom and Houseparty are keeping them connected.

2. Going to events

Businesses in the events industry will be reassured to hear that young people are eager to resume attending large public events such as music, theatre and sports, once it’s safe to do so. 74% of students ranked this in their top three. Our data also shows that 86% would be more likely to purchase event tickets if there was a student discount, which would be a great incentive to drive sales and re-energise the market.

3. Continuing with my education

Our research consistently shows that students rank their education as their top priority, so for such a focused, hard-working generation of students, missing out on valuable in-person learning time as classes are cancelled or moved online. Brands can support students during this time by helping them access the tools they need, from providing free online resources to discounts on useful tech products.

Students study around an outdoor bench.

4. Feeling less stressed or anxious

Students are very conscious of the impact of the pandemic on their mental health, due to concerns about their health, finances, education, and loneliness. Any brand with a young audience has a responsibility to be sensitive and supportive in their actions during the pandemic, remembering that younger consumers can be more vulnerable to anxiety and depression.

5. Going out shopping

While Gen Z are comfortable shopping on their phone or laptop, they enjoy the experience of shopping in-store too, and many purchase journeys include both online and offline brand engagement. Shopping features on the list of students post-lockdown plans. In fact, 2/3 are especially excited for future shopping trips, undoubtedly missing the social aspect as well as the physical interaction with products and brands. This will be great news for retailers waiting patiently to re-open their stores.

Now is the time to plan how you’re going to attract young consumers to your business when lockdown is lifted. Get in touch with us today to find out about opportunities to engage our global student network.

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