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We empower our global network of Gen Z students to thrive – and so can you

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The 16-24-year-old Gen Z demographic is loaded with potential. They’re diverse, digitally connected, financially savvy – they’re your next generation of consumers.

Right now, Gen Zs are in the midst of developing their spending habits and deciding where their brand loyalties lie. Here at Student Beans, we’ve got over 15 years of student marketing experience under our belt – we know Gen Z better than anyone else, and we pride ourselves on empowering our global network of students to thrive. If you’re looking to build a successful Gen Z marketing strategy and gain long-term brand loyalty, we’ve got you covered – here’s how:

We are at the forefront of Gen Z learnings

It’s one thing to verify Gen Z consumers, but understanding this young demographic on their terms is another thing entirely. Our in-house youth marketing research underpins everything we do – from the direction our tech moves in, to the marketing solutions we offer clients to help them build a rapport with the student market.

Our 15+ years of experience as a student-facing brand means we know students better than anyone else, and we believe in sharing what we know with all of our clients. Our Insights team publishes regular market-leading reports and insights on all things Gen Z, helping brands find, attract, engage and convert verified students.

We also work closely with our sister company, Voxburner, to stay up to date with the ever-changing world of young consumers. We’re regular contributors to YMS: Online – the biggest Youth Marketing Festival in the world – collating industry leaders and Gen Z disruptor brands such as Vice, Adidas, Converse, Mcdonalds, and more; plus a whole host of reports and deep dives. We don’t just respond to Gen Z learnings – we’re at the forefront of putting them out there.

We reach a global Gen Z audience

We’ve put our research into practice by attracting and retaining a diverse global Gen Z database. Over 6.5 million verified students are connected to us daily via the Student Beans app, website, email database, publisher network and social media channels. We attract an average of 8 million global site sessions per month and 3 million monthly app sessions.

As our partner, you can leverage that user base to target whichever student personas you wish. Once your student offer is live, your dedicated account manager will be at your side from day one to ensure our bespoke Gen Z marketing suite is maximizing your success.

Our extensive network of global media touchpoints, along with our conversion optimization tools, drive repeat purchases, building the habits that turn Gen Z into your lifelong customers.

We are a trusted student-facing brand

We have established ourselves as a trusted student-facing brand over the last 15 years, and during that time we’ve seen the student demographic evolve from Millennials into Gen Zs. Nobody is more ready for the next generation of consumers than us.

Our conversion optimization tool doesn’t just verify students – it verifies you, too. By appearing on our app, website, emails and social channels, you’ll win Gen Zs’ trust instantly. Plus, by using our technology and bespoke student marketing plans, your student consumers are likely to come back for more – driving repeat purchases and building the habits that turn Gen Z into your lifelong customers.

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