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7 Ways to Generate Brand Loyalty with Young Consumers

In a time of endless consumer choice, creating brand loyalty is a concern for businesses targeting a young, digital-savvy demographic. Many have even questioned whether Gen Z will cause the death of brand loyalty. While this group certainly has high expectations, they can also be great advocates when they find a product they love, and some of the most traditional, established brands consistently come up as their favourites. This is proof that it’s entirely possible for today’s young consumers to be loyal, but brands need to work harder to retain that loyalty and keep their trust.

Here are our top tips for creating brand loyalty with Gen Z:

  1. Offer value for money
    No matter how much disposable income each individual has, Gen Z expect quality products at a fair price. For each purchase they make, they’ll check online not only for the best price, but for the best option available for the amount they’re willing to pay. Information has empowered them to be smart consumers.
  2. Be relevant
    Like any group, Gen Z appreciate brands and engage more with their marketing when it feels targeted particularly to them. They are more willing to support a brand that puts their wants and needs first, above others.
  3. Be convenient
    A typical teenager or young adult has a busy life with many things to split their time between, ranging from school and work to family, hobbies and social activities. Combined with a short attention span, this means they appreciate when a brand makes it easy to find what they want to buy and make the purchase.
  4. Listen to them
    This opinionated generation feel more loyalty to brands that engage with their opinions, respond to their queries and truly listen to what they want. This can come in the form of engaging with customers on social media, getting their feedback through surveys, or even inviting them in to meet the team and be part of the creative process.
  5. Speak their language
    You won’t catch Gen Z’s attention with boring copy and dull creatives. While we wouldn’t advise traditional brands to suddenly start using teen speak (way too cringey!), brands of any kind can communicate better with young people by keeping the tone of their marketing informal, honest and to-the-point.
  6. Represent their values
    Gen Z is characterised as a generation of young activists, and for those who do feel strongly about their views, it can be a deciding factor impacting their purchasing decisions. According to our latest Youth Trends survey from our in-house insights agency Voxburner, 44% would boycott a brand linked to sexual harassment, 36% if they did animal testing, and 37% if they harmed the environment.
  7. Be honest
    In order to get young consumers to trust your brand, honesty is the best policy. Brands known for their transparency, such as Lush, Ben & Jerry’s and Fjallraven, are among this group’s favourites. Gen Z are not impressed by overblown statements in ads: they want to know exactly what they’re getting, and they’re more likely to trust brands who fulfil their promises.

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