10 Questions We’ll Be Answering in our Youth Trends Report

It’s just a matter of weeks before our 2023 Youth Trends Report lands. Working in partnership with Voxburner, our Gen Z insights agency, the Youth Trends Report is our annual review of the emerging trends that are impacting young consumers, and the opportunities for marketers to act upon them.

The report covers a wide range of trends that are impacting every aspect of Gen Z’s lives – from sobriety, to ethical consumption, sustainability, the creator economy, the toxic nature of social media and so much more.

It is an essential for any forward thinking brand looking to reach this demographic.

So, what exactly can you expect to learn from this report?

Here are 10 questions that we’ll be answering…

1. Why are Gen Z drinking less than any other generation?

Yes, it’s official. 40% of Gen Z would consider ditching the booze completely. Want to know why exactly that is? Stay tuned…

2. Is vaping responsible for new directions in Gen Z hedonism?

Blue razz lemonade, cherry, banana ice…

Deliciously addictive, vaping has fast become the latest Gen Z craze – but is there an irony in this, at a time when so many are turning away from alcohol?

3. What has driven the sentiment shift in making second-hand fashion trendy?

Remember ten years ago, when it was considered embarrassing to be seen shopping second-hand? These days, pre-loved is a badge of honour for Gen Z – not one of shame. We explore the sentiment shift behind this in our research.

4. What truly makes a shopping experience stand out for Gen Z?

Brick-and-mortar has had to compete with the convenience of digital for a while now. What tactics are brands using to draw consumers into physical stores, and have expectations changed to convert these consumers?

5. Is Gen Z fed up of influencers?

Amongst de-influencing trends, #EatTheRich and the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, Gen Z are calling time on their favourite creators. We explore the ‘why’ in the changing attitudes around this in the Youth Trends Report.

6. How important is ethical consumption for Gen Z?

Did you know that 77% of Gen Z would be likelier to buy from a brand that made sustainable choices? Yep, this demographic is holding brands to account more than ever before. Catch up with all things sustainability, ethical consumption and fast fashion in chapter three.

7. Do Gen Z think being an influencer is still an aspirational career choice?

…Well, it appears they’re divided on this front. We explore this sentiment closely in chapter four of the Youth Trends Report.

8. What can brands do to secure Gen Z loyalty?

Forget money – loyalty is the most valuable currency for brands looking to secure Gen Z spend. We put this question to our panel of young consumers, who share valuable insights into their biggest brand turn offs.

9. Is OnlyFans a credible part of the creator economy?

According to Gen Z, yes! Did you know a massive 44% of those aged 16-24 believe being a content creator on OnlyFans is a better alternative to the 9-5? Check out the final chapter, where we take a deep dive into this sentiment.

10. Are TikTok trends having a more sinister IRL effect than we first anticipated?

In chapter two, we look into all things social media. We explore the intersection of wellness movements and technology, sharing insights into the effect that certain trends are having on young consumers.

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