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The Gen Z Shopper: What brands need to know to be at the top of their 2021 list

We teamed up with industry experts, Jeff Fromm, President at FutureCast, and Alex Sukhoy, Marketing Communications Manager at Creative Cadence – to highlight the latest Gen Z shopping and spending habits and trends brands need to know about.

Panel discussion: The voice of Gen Z

Authenticity. Activism. TikTok. Humor. Digitally native. All are words that have been used to describe Gen Z. But who exactly are they? Meet our Gen Z panel, Bailey, Kenia and Rachel, as they give their honest opinions on what brands are doing...

Gen Z and pent-up demand: a quick explainer

This quick explainer will give all US brands an overview of Gen Z and post-pandemic life. Access informed predictions of what comes next for student consumers – and learn how your brand fits into that picture.

Princess Polly wears the crown: how to build brand loyalty with a global Gen Z audience

Join us as we sit down with Kim Zorn, Head of Performance Marketing at Princess Polly to discuss the challenges of international expansion, the benefits of social media marketing, and why Gen Z students should be at the heart of your marketing...

Pent up demand: Travel’s roadmap out of lockdown

In this short on-demand webinar, Mark Walker, the CRO of Student Beans, will show you exactly what you – as a travel brand – need to do to engage with Gen Z students in the coming months.

Pent up demand: Fashion’s roadmap out of lockdown

Join Mark Walker, CRO at Student Beans, as he takes a closer look at how Gen Zs’ fashion preferences have evolved throughout lockdown – and gain an insight into how pent-up demand for in-person activities will feed into the fashion sector.

Pent up demand: Food & Drink’s roadmap out of lockdown

With over 12 months of insights into the food and drink preferences and habits of our student community, Student Beans will give you a snapshot of the future of the sector – and give you actionable tips on how to reach Gen Z students.

Pent up demand: Fitness’ roadmap out of lockdown

Join Mark Walker, CRO at Student Beans, as he maps out the trajectory of students’ fitness attitudes during the COVID-19 pandemic – and makes predictions about how they’ll take new habits into a post-COVID world.

Pent up demand: Events’ roadmap out of lockdown

In this 10-minute on-demand webinar, learn how Gen Z students’ anticipation for nightlife, festivals, concerts and sporting events has built over the past year – and understand what you need to do to balance their excitement with their...

Pent-up demand: predicting Gen Z’s post-covid spending

Join our CRO as he explores the key trends and predictions for Gen Z’s post-lockdown spending. Learn how demand has grown across Fashion, Travel, Events, Fitness, and Food & Drink – and join us in mapping out how they’ll be releasing...

Rethinking retail: How to prepare for the post-pandemic landscape

We caught up with Eastpak and Laced to hear how they evolved to meet changing consumer needs during the pandemic, and to discover ‘what’s next?’ as we look to the future.

eCommerce Trends, Behaviour, and Loyalty of Gen Z

Listen in as we speak to Partnerize, a leading global affiliate network, about how ecommerce brands can tap into the latest Gen Z trends, to win students’ long-term shopping loyalties.

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