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Welcome Week 2022: what trends will feed into the university experience this year?

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With the new academic year fast approaching, here’s a round-up of all of our top trend predictions that will be sweeping campuses in 2022. 


Meal subscriptions like EveryPlate and Dinnerly were a popular choice for students during the height of the pandemic – and we expect this hype to continue well into the new year as new students begin to find their feet in a new home, town or state. 

Having lived through a pandemic in their formative years, Gen Z students are actually one the most health-conscious demographics we’ve seen to date, however that doesn’t mean they don’t fall into the trap of missing their weekly grocery shop and eating whatever’s left in the fridge that’s still somewhat edible. Meal subscriptions are a perfect way for them to eat proper meals, whilst being able budget accordingly and avoid food wastage. 

Of course, subscription deals don’t stop at meals. Beauty boxes, monthly flower subscriptions and other niche options are a hit with young consumers looking for a monthly treat. 

Sports and fitness 

Speaking of health-conscious students, it might come as no surprise that sports and fitness will be high on the agenda for students this Welcome Week. Not only is Welcome Week the ideal time to be signing up to clubs at uni, it is also aligned with the beginning of a new year – which means student’s new year resolutions will still be top of mind as they shop for key Welcome Week purchases throughout January. For those moving to a new state, Welcome Week is also the time they will most likely be on the lookout for a gym membership.

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Remember too that gymwear isn’t just for strict gym-goers, in fact gymwear has long been a hot trend on-campus. It’s cool, comfy and versatile – perfect for transitioning between classes. 

Mental health awareness 

67% of Aussie students are passionate about mental health awareness, and the uncertainty of the pandemic has no doubt escalated some of their own worries and concerns. 

Of course, heading off to uni can be a particularly stressful occasion for a lot of young people, especially when a pandemic is involved – which caused 44% of last year’s new students to have a neutral university experience. Welcome Week is the perfect time to be talking about the importance of mental health and self-care. As a brand, getting involved in the conversation is crucial in order to win Gen Zs’ trust, as well as their custom. This Welcome Week, be sure to speak to their concerns, as well as their excitement. 

Keeping it old school  

As well as gym wear as everyday wear, there’s also a huge love for old school fashion among Gen Z students. Seventies fashion, quirky co-ords, converse, bold patterns, licences like Disney are all popular for young consumers who love a bit of nostalgia

This Welcome Week, expect to see these various forms of nostalgia take shape across a number of key purchases, as well as fashion. Gen Zs will be on the look out for items like stationery, accessories and homewares that all fit under this trend. 

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An international focus 

29% of all Australians were born overseas – which makes it one of the most culturally diverse developed nations on the planet. A huge percentage of Australian students are also international students – and out of all territories, Australian Gen Z are particularly international in their brand preferences. With cities across the country functioning as cultural melting pots of students from a huge swathe of cultures, young people are constantly getting introduced to new brands and trends. 

International students are also more likely to wait to shop for university until they arrive in Australia. So, when marketing to Gen Z students this Welcome Week, make sure your strategy speaks to every circumstance. 

In-person events and activities 

When it comes to events, less than half of students were able to attend in-person events during Welcome Week last year. For 2022, at least 66% of those students would like to take part if in-person events can take place this Welcome Week. 

More students on-campus presents a big opportunity for brands. Placing your brand physically on-campus or in areas with a large student population will propel your brand in front of the eyes of Gen Z consumers. They might be digital natives, but Gen Z have missed the freedom of being out and about for events and in-person activities. This Welcome Week, make sure your marketing strategy embraces both the digital and physical world. 

Find out more about our top trends for Welcome Week 2022, plus all our tips for marketing to Gen Z students for the big event by downloading our Ultimate Guide to Welcome Week today. 

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