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Get ready for Vogue Online Shopping Night

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Fashion, beauty, lifestyle and homewares brands, time to get ready – this one is for you.

Next month sees the first instalment of Vogue Online Shopping Night – the ultimate shopping sales event for fashion lovers, and the perfect opportunity for fashion, beauty, lifestyle and homewares brands to tap into the student marketplace. Here’s everything you need to know.

Vogue Online Shopping Night: an overview

Presented by American Express, Vogue Online Shopping Night (VOSN) celebrates the best that the fashion, beauty and lifestyle sectors have to offer. This event is an opportunity for fashion fans to browse and shop exclusive discounts with some of their favourite brands. Occurring twice annually in April and October, VOSN kicks off at midnight and lasts for 48 hours, giving shoppers just enough time to bag themselves some fashion and lifestyle must-haves for the upcoming season, all at discounted rates.

Vogue’s reputation alone makes this a staple in any fashionista’s calendar and is definitely one for these sector-specific brands to get involved with.

How does VOSN appeal to students?

Historically, Vogue Online Shopping Night houses some of the biggest fashion brands renowned for targeting the young consumer demographic, including ASOS, Levi’s, Nasty Gal, Sheridan and Net-A-Porter – you can guarantee Gen Z will be ready and waiting for this event to roll around each year.

Gen Z students are a demographic that love to express themselves, so it’s not a surprise that a significant amount of their budget goes towards fashion and accessories. The first VOSN of the year in April coincides with the mid-semester break – creating a perfect opportunity for students to unwind and browse the latest trends.

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Plus, 80% of Australian students are in paid work and have some disposable income to spend as they wish – great news for brands. But most students won’t spend on a whim – 65% of young Australians actively budget money so they know how much they can spend over the week or month. Students on a budget like to know they are getting value for money on quality products, so brands need to tailor their marketing approach to target Gen Z specifically and go above and beyond their competitors. Tapping into this young consumer demographic now is worthwhile for boosting long-term brand loyalty.

Be part of Gen Z’s wish lists

Gen Z are a financially-savvy group – which means that brands have to do more to be part of their wishlists and stand out among their competitors. If you have a sustainable range, VOSN is the ideal platform to get your products in front of Gen Z. This consumer demographic loves to know they’re doing their bit to help the environment and participating in VOSN makes your range accessible and affordable to those students wanting to make a difference. 

The event has seen a rise in the participation of ethical fashion brands in recent years. Those brands making progress in their sustainability efforts have used VOSN to apply discounts to their environmentally friendly ranges, in order to encourage people to shop more ethically where they can. Levi’s did a storewide offer in 2018, which included 30% off their waterless cotton range – a great way to connect with the ethically conscious Gen Z demographic and attract a wider pool of customers.

Since this event runs twice a year, all fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands have a real opportunity to grab Gen Z’s attention in the first April event and get them coming back for more in October when the key summer shopping period rolls around – where schoolies, undergrads, and soon-to-be graduates will be on the hunt for holiday outfits, prom dresses, and more. Incorporating stackable student discounts into your offering will give students more of an incentive to shop with your brand. Shout about your sustainable brands if you have them, and make your deals known ahead of time so students can prepare and budget appropriately.

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