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Valentine’s Day: Building love and loyalty with Gen Z

Valentine's day marketing campaigns: what do students want to see from brands?

Whether you love it or loathe it, the day of PDA is fast approaching and many of our most loved brands are bursting at the seams to get noticed by their consumers.

With 4 in 5 Brits* (79%) planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, spending an estimated £1.45 billion on gifts across the holiday, brands should be using this time strategically to position themselves to align with their consumers’ values.

Although there is some scepticism around the novelty of the holiday, we see Valentine’s Day as the perfect opportunity to connect with your target audience, building trust and loyalty that extends far beyond a mid February fling.

Look for love with Gen Z 

With a lot of marketers focusing on pushing out a quick Valentine’s marketing campaign that shows they’ve considered the holiday at hand, it’s often forgotten that this time of year holds a golden opportunity to build a lasting love affair with an audience old or new.

Encouraging every brand to look for love and loyalty, we believe the student demographic is a market that you should strongly consider connecting with. Set to spend an average of £26+ on their loved ones in 2020*, Gen Z are the market with a depository of disposable income, influential amongst their peers and are loyal to those brands that understand their needs and wants on a deeper level.

Here, we share our top Valentine’s insights to help you brush up on your knowledge of Gen Z’s spending habits during Valentine’s Day:

  • 40% of Gen Z celebrated Valentine’s Day in 2019, a percentage which is set to increase in 2020

  • 27% of Gen Z will celebrate Galentine’s Day by going out for dinner, having drinks or gifting

  • The top 3 gifts female students want to receive over Valentine’s Day include: flowers, chocolate and jewellery

  • The top 3 gifts for male students include: fashion, tech and chocolate

Valentines insights: we reveal how students plan to spend February 14th with their loved ones.

Why partner with Student Beans?

The new generation is our future and with this in mind, it has become our mission to empower, inspire and educate brands to better connect with the new generation of consumers.

Bringing together technology, ad solutions and insights, our proven student loyalty programme allows brands to verify 163 million students worldwide, better attracting, converting and retaining up to 5x more 18-24-year-old consumers.

To build affection amongst the student market today, get in touch with our team – it’s not too late to launch a Valentine’s marketing campaign that’s sure to be a success with the Gen Z audience!

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