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Quiz: Is your marketing strategy ready for Freshers 2020?

If you’re looking to engage with students, Freshers should be high on your agenda. It’s the biggest event in the student calendar, with over two million young people taking on a new stage of their lives. Students start preparing for Freshers as early as May – so it makes sense for you to deliver your marketing campaign as early as possible. What do you know about Freshers 2020? 


A stellar performance!

You know your stuff. This Autumn, your brand will be on the minds of students everywhere. If you want to take your strategy to the next level, speak to one of our student marketing experts today.

More prep needed!

You clearly have some knowledge of Gen Z and Freshers, but you could do with honing your marketing strategy to engage with new students. Have a read of Freshers 2020: The Ultimate Guide and you’ll be scoring 5/5 in no time!

Freshers 2020: kicking off your campaign

#1. When do most students start shopping for uni? (Hint - have your Freshers Shopping List ready to go by this month!)

Understanding where students shop

#2. COVID-19 has changed the way that we all shop - but based on Gen Z’s shopping trends, what should be the focus for your Freshers 2020 promotions?

Staying relevant throughout Freshers

#3. Gen Z are a financially savvy bunch and will keep an eye out for student discounts throughout the Freshers season. All of these are great places to promote your discount - but which is the number one most effective?

Getting to know 2020’s student cohort

#4. If you’re looking to engage with students during Freshers, you’ll need to understand what makes them tick. What is the biggest concern of young people starting uni this year?

Figuring out where your product fits in

#5. Freshers is a crucial time for student brands, as most young people will make their first purchases from brands that will become their favourites. So it’s important to know what they see as essentials. What item do 96% of students own by the time they start uni?


If you’re as excited about Freshers 2020 as we are, you’ll want to make sure your student marketing strategy is on point. Have a read of Freshers 2020: The Ultimate Guide for all the insights you need to shape your campaign. 

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