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Pop Quiz: The festive season around the world

As the end of the year approaches, we’re all starting to feel a little bit festive… but the fact is, the festive season looks very different all around the world. As you get ready for a few months of engaging with Gen Z, do you know what December looks like in Australia compared to the US? How do UK students celebrate the festive period? Time to put your knowledge to the test…


You’re on the “nice” list!

As the festive season rapidly approaches, you’re off to a strong start, with a good sense of what Gen Zs around the world will be up to. For the full breakdown of how the UK, US and Australia do the festive season differently – as well as all the latest festive insights – check out our Festive Guide 2020.

A lump of coal for you…

The bad news is, you’ve not quite sorted your UK Gen Zs from their Aussie and US cousins. The good news is, there are a few weeks to go until the festive season truly kicks off. Plenty of time to wise up by reading our Festive Guide 2020…

Spending in style

#1. Around the world, Gen Zs and their families commit a lot of spend to the festive season - but one country comes out on top. Which of the following has the highest average festive spend per household?

Stocking up for their studies

#2. The festive season is always a great time to stock up for the future. But which country is most likely to use festive shopping for uni shopping?

The true meaning of Christmas

#3. In one country, 88% of Gen Z say that spending time with family is the most important part of the festive season, compared to just 18% who celebrate a religious or cultural event in the festive period. In which country is this the case?

Top of the (wish)list

#4. Take a peek at a Gen Z wishlist for this festive season, and you’re likely to see a range of products. But in which country is the top item most likely to be a tech product?

Christmas Day: what comes next?

#5. On December 26th, lucky Gen Zs in two countries will wake up with a whole range of sales at their fingertips. But which of the following countries does not take part in the Boxing Day sales?

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