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5 things this year’s Freshers will do before they start uni

Marketing to new students as they adjust to University life during Freshers.

There are currently around 2.4 million students enrolled at UK universities – and every year, a new cohort enters. Known as Freshers, this is one of the most important times of the year for any brand looking to reach young consumers.

Through our experience in student marketing, we’ve learned that it’s never too early to start getting ready for the Freshers period. After all, incoming students will be spending the pre-uni months working through their University checklist, preparing for the biggest change in their lives so far, and there’s plenty to do. Here are five things new students will be focused on in the months ahead, and how your brand can maximise your exposure to these Freshers-to-be.

1. Refresh their wardrobe

Making a good first impression is key, so new students want to begin university with a whole new wardrobe of cool outfits. Starting uni can be a chance to reinvent yourself, experiment with different styles, and try out new brands, so it’s a fantastic time for fashion brands to up their student marketing efforts to win new customers. These student customers could soon become their on-campus champions. Running a student discount with Student Beans is a smart way to reach incoming Freshers, as we can verify college and A-Level students as well as those already at uni.

2. Move into a new home

Many students move to a new home in a new city, away from their parents for the first time, when they start uni. That means buying items both fun and useful for the first time, from choosing a new duvet cover to household goods like washing up liquid and toilet roll. This is a great opportunity for brands of all kinds to create lasting brand loyalty by marketing to new students specifically as a part of their overall marketing efforts.

3. Research student discounts

Our research shows that 98% of UK students use student discounts – for 45%, they do so every time they shop, across every vertical. Getting special offers on their favourite brands is one of the things Freshers look forward to about starting university, so they will be researching all the brands on offer, and looking out for extra special deals, such as the boosted discounts we regularly run with our Student Beans brand partners. It’s also worth considering on-campus marketing activities, as many of the students we speak to rave about the brand freebies from Freshers fairs and events.

4. Join social media

For students who want to get a head start on making friends at their new university, social media and online forums are the ideal way to meet people who will be on their course or in their halls. Facebook groups, TikTok and Instagram accounts are sources of info and a connection to their future uni lives. As students research their new community, they will get algorithmic suggestions that could lead to the discovery of new brands – make sure you’re on their radar.

5. Learn about their new city

Students who are moving to a new city will want to know all the cool places to eat, drink, shop and hang out before they arrive. That means it’s the perfect time for shops, restaurants, cafés and other physical venues to reach future students and win a place on their Freshers Week to-do list. Targeted social media ads, content marketing and student brand ambassadors are some of the ways to reach the relevant audience online and offline.

To find out more about the most effective ways to reach current and future students, get in touch with the Student Beans team today.

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