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Click Frenzy Travel: a guide for brands

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Click Frenzy Travel is a chance for brands to redefine how holidays work in the new normal – here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming event: 

While we may not be able to venture out into the world just yet, students are still keen to take on new ventures a bit closer to home and get a change of scenery – especially after grappling with months of lockdown restrictions. Indeed, in our latest survey, students listed travelling as something they missed the most during lockdown, alongside socialising with friends and seeing family. As students start to research staycation deals and make key holiday purchases, brands have a prime opportunity to get on Gen Zs radar ahead of the holiday period by getting involved in the first Click Frenzy event of 2021, taking place next month.

Click Frenzy Travel: an overview

Each year, Click Frenzy generates a huge amount of web traffic with limited-time sales events. The first event of the year, Click Frenzy Travel, starts on 20 April and lasts for just 53 hours, bringing together the best travel-related deals and discounts all in one place. 

Of course, the big elephant in the room here is COVID-19, and the current international travel restrictions that come with it. As such, we predict that Click Frenzy Travel will be truly embracing the staycation for 2021. Last year saw a swathe of Aussie-based adventure, hotel and luggage brands getting involved, and with localised restrictions easing, there will certainly be scope for trips within Australia. For brands, this event is an early chance to rebuild consumer confidence around travel and redefine how holidays work in the new normal.

How does Click Frenzy Travel appeal to students?

After a year of severely disrupted study, students will be looking for the chance to get away – even if it’s just a local trip. Plus, as a younger demographic, they’re more likely to feel confident travelling post-COVID – 37% of the students we surveyed have already travelled within Australia since restrictions eased, and we expect this number to rise during winter and summer vacation.

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Beyond the specific travel focus of the first official Click Frenzy event of the year, Gen Z students are digital natives. They’ve grown up with ecommerce as a clear-cut option when making purchases. With a wealth of accommodation apps and flight comparison sites at their fingertips, they’re super confident making travel purchases online.

Key takeaways for brands

With international travel being near-impossible for many at the moment, it’s important that young people feel safe and confident when booking any domestic holidays and activities. We recommend offering concise COVID guidance for all consumers when they browse your site. Make your messaging both positive and informative to alleviate their fears.

To really grab Gen Zs attention during Click Frenzy, it’s worthwhile to utilise limited-time offers and stackable discounts to create a truly gamified shopping experience – which heavily resonates with Gen Z digital natives. 75% of students are regular online shoppers, and equally, 75% check online shops at least monthly. Create a shopping experience that combines the two for maximum success. Plus, don’t forget to shout about your offers ahead of the event – 65% of young Australians actively budget money so they know how much they can spend over the week or month. Build a buzz in the lead up to the event to make sure you stand out above the crowd and make it onto students’ wish lists.

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