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Click Frenzy: the Main Event – are you ready for it?

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Brands, here’s everything you need to know about the final Click Frenzy event of 2021. 

The crucial summer shopping period is fast approaching, and this brings with it a big opportunity for brands to boost their engagement with Gen Z. What better time to do so than during one of the biggest retail events of the year – Click Frenzy: the Main Event

By the time this event rolls around in November, schoolies, university students and the graduating class will have made it to the end of another academic year – which means they will be keen to get going with some summer spending. Here’s everything you need to know.

Click Frenzy: the Main Event: an overview

Taking place on 9th November 2021 for 53 hours, Click Frenzy: the Main Event hosts over 4,000 deals from more than 800 Australian and international brands covering everything from fashion and beauty to entertainment and electronics. It is renowned for its ‘blink and you’ll miss them’ staggered flash sales, otherwise known as Go Wild 99, where shoppers can get 99% off big-ticket items. Past sales have seen the likes of Apple AirPods Pro and ghd hair straighteners selling for $4 and $2 respectively. Now you see why they call it the main event? 

The appeal for students

As with the Vogue Online Shopping Night, Singles Day and Cyber Week, Click Frenzy: the Main Event falls within the pivotal summer shopping season and is another great opportunity for students looking to buy tech for the next academic year, refresh their wardrobe – or both. Plus, Click Frenzy is a chance for students to start their Christmas shopping early and tick things off their own Christmas wish lists. 

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What’s more, Click Frenzy has a history of helping communities with their reputable efforts in charity work, most of which target issues that a vast majority of Gen Z will know about and want to support. Last year, the Click Frenzy Sports Virtual Canteen was set up, as well as the ‘Let’s Regrow’ initiative, which aims to help small businesses struggling as a result of Covid-19. The group has also partnered with charities such as Good 360 and the National Breast Cancer Foundation

Key Takeaways for your brand

November is a busy month for shopping sales events and students will be inundated with deals left, right and centre. 90% of University students check to see if there is a student discount available before making a purchase, so be sure to stand out above your competitors by offering stackable student incentives on top of your existing deal. 

Students like to research in advance for the best deals on key purchases on their wish lists, so advertising your offers in the lead up to the event is very important. Of course, social media is a great way to go about this – sponsored ads, posts and influencer partnerships are the best ways to reach digitally native Gen Z consumers. 

But don’t just shout about your own offers. Gen Zs respect authenticity and transparency, so it’s a good idea to also utilise your online presence to elevate the charitable efforts being raised by Click Frenzy. Gen Z are more likely to buy from brands who support charitable causes they believe in. 

Get the full lowdown on this key shopping event by downloading our Marketers Guide to Click Frenzy: the Main event

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