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9 vegan brands proving cool can be cruelty-free

Conscious students support vegan brands, proving they're cool as well as cruelty-free.

Bringing together values of healthy eating and protecting the environment, veganism is a huge trend among young people today, including students. Our recent Student Shopping Report highlighted how ethical issues can impact their purchasing decisions.

One reason for the growth of Veganism among young people is the increased presence of cool, cute and tasty brands that don’t use any animal products – gone are the days of hemp and tofu. Here are some of those leading the way and winning loyal student customers.

Iconic London

Iconic London is the UK’s no.1 seller of cruelty-free make-up and vegan brushes, lashes and more. As one of Student Beans’ brand partners, they put students and young consumers at the heart of their marketing strategy. It’s paid off as Iconic is now one of the most popular vegan brands for students, with a loyal student consumer base who keep coming back for their cruelty-free glow.


An Inc article described Oatly as the “cult Swedish drink poised to disrupt a $16 billion industry.” Oatly is a “milk” drink made of oats, which has become a trend in the US thanks to word of mouth, cute packaging and the growth of veganism among young Americans.


by CHLOE. is one of the hottest new burger restaurants among Gen Z and Millennials in New York, LA and London. But it’s no Shakeshack or Five Guys – everything here is totally vegan. This vegan brands rise is driven by fun branding and trendy dishes, such as avocado toast and sweet potato fries.

Bulk Powders

While protein supplements brand Bulk Powders isn’t a completely vegan brand, they do offer a vegan range. This is ideal for health-conscious vegans concerned about missing out on the protein provided by meat and other animal products.  Bulk Powders offers a 25% discount to verified students via Student Beans.


Along with Patagonia, Fjällräven is one of the vegan brands leading the way with their cruelty-free down policy. The Scandinavian company is best known for its colourful rucksacks, which are popular vegan accessories that can be seen all over university and college campuses these days.

Temple of Seitan

One of the hippest restaurants in London right now is Temple of Seitan. The vegan fried chicken joint attracts queues of locals and tourists to try the authentic taste of their meat-free fast food, which is actually made from wheat gluten (aka seitan).


Did you know that most make-up brushes aren’t vegan? Spectrum is a fast-rising, super-stylish British beauty brand that has been featured in Vogue, Glamour and Cosmopolitan. Spectrum is a 100% vegan brand as all their products are all vegan and cruelty-free and their values make them hugely popular amongst the student audience.

Impossible Burgers

Impossible Foods made headlines by teaming up with a very traditional fast-food chain, White Castle, to launch a range of Impossible Sliders. The US brand got their name because their fake meat achieves the “impossible” by “bleeding” like real meat does.

Beauty Without Cruelty

British business Beauty Without Cruelty puts its values at the heart of its brand. Their products, including mascara, nail colours and lipstick, are all-natural, cruelty-free and great quality. Of course, their packaging is always recyclable too.

As you can see, vegan brands span much wider than traditional food & drink names, and there are now plenty of vegan brands loved by students within the beauty sector. To explore how Veganism fairs in college students food trends, check out our food & drink trends roundup blog.

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